This morning I woke up at 05:30. After a quiet night anchored at Bruny the ship’s engines started up, in preparation for our departure. We were soon underway and continuing on down the eastern coast of Tasmania. I snapped a couple of nice pictures of the rugged cliffs as we went past.

Around lunchtime the ship continued westward and slipped between Mewstone and Maatsuyker Island, giving us expeditioners a great opportunity to further try out our cameras. Some albatross were spotted but I wasn’t quick enough to grab my camera at the time. I’ve been told there’s plenty of wildlife on the voyage so I hope to spot some real soon.

Science on board has also commenced, with the Continuous Plankton Recorder deployed after lunch.

As for the seas they’re still fairly kind here at the moment. We received word that Cape Sorell had a maximum wave height of 15 metres yesterday, so sheltering behind Bruny for a day was definitely the most sensible option. Right now the ship will occasionally lurch up and down as it crosses a big wave but so far I’ve kept my feet.

As for tonight we’ve finished dinner and I’m just deciding between a movie in the cinema or continue playing a video game. Perhaps both!

Posted by Bren

Antarctic expeditioner and avid hiker.