Month: November 2017

A long time before the next sunset

On Wednesday 29 November the sun finally set at 12:10am, only to rise again shortly after at 1:02am. As Mawson station resides within the Antarctic circle our summer will now continue with a full 24 hours of daylight each day. Our next sunset will be on 13 January when it...

/ 30 November 2017

Walking on station during a blizzard

A quick walk home from the office at Mawson station. The winds were somewhat high but the visibility was good so we can see a few things on the walk.

/ 29 November 2017

Field Training trip

Thursday and Friday we were off station on our field training. This is a course most expeditioners complete shortly after their arrival on station, to learn skills such as navigation and survival essentials for an Antarctic environment. Over the two days we completed a number of exercises such as preparing...

/ 26 November 2017

Gone campin’

Work has been going well this week, and now today we’re off up the plateau to Rumdoodle for our Survival Training. This is an overnight course all new expeditioners. See you tomorrow evening!

/ 23 November 2017

First days on station

It has been a rather busy start since arriving here at Mawson that it is now day 5 down here. A bit of a summary: It was a pretty busy day leaving the ship on Wednesday. I was scheduled for flight #2 which we weren’t too sure if it would...

/ 20 November 2017

Arrived at Mawson!

I’m now “home” for the summer. In my own room! With (basic) internet!! Been a very long day though so more soon.

/ 16 November 2017

Flight tomorrow?

Today was heli fly off for essential Davis personnel, so those like myself not involved spent most of today bunkered in with the bridge and external decks closed. So a rather uneventful day for myself and no opportunity to get off the ship unfortunately. Wandering around Davis might have to...

/ 14 November 2017

Land, ho!

Today has been an absolute stunning day of cruising between the ‘bergs, followed by a glorious sunset just before midnight. It’s been a beautiful orangey-yellow twilight since, and with sunrise less than 4 hours away from sun down, it just doesn’t get dark at night anymore. More opportunity to stay...

/ 13 November 2017

Almost there

We’re through most of the first year pack ice at this point. Yesterday we had to crunch through some pack where the ship will go through as much of a crack lead as it can, get stuck, reverse, then full speed ahead on both engines as it kind of beaches...

/ 13 November 2017

Into the pack ice

Today was quite eventful as we’ve now reached the pack ice. I woke up this morning to the sound of “doonk”, “doonk” – little bergy bits hitting the ship’s hull. We had another safety drill this morning and by now we’re quite well versed in grabbing survival packs, lifejacket, and...

/ 11 November 2017

More bergy bits

We’re due to reach the pack ice floe later tomorrow, but we’re increasingly sighting more and more icebergs and bergy bits. No sea ice forming yet, just things that have broken off from further south and has floated up here. Weather-wise it’s starting to get pretty cold out. Checking the...

/ 10 November 2017

First iceberg

Looks like we’re heading in the right direction.

/ 10 November 2017