I was reading in the library tonight when someone came past: “Hey – there’s an aurora going off above the ship!”

I race up the stairs to the bridge. There’s cloud around the horizon, but sure enough out the front windows we can see bands of shimmering green of all different hues in the clear patch of night sky.

A friend and I ventured out onto the starboard deck. Right over the ship, running fore to aft, was a dazzling bright aurora. It was practically dancing on top of the ship it looked so close to us! After a while I raced back to grab my camera from my cabin. Here’s a quick shot which will never do it justice – especially with a very rocky ship tonight – but worth a try.

Well there we go. My first aurora, and hopefully we see a few more before we end up with constant daylight in the coming Antarctic summer months.

Posted by Bren

Antarctic expeditioner and avid hiker.