We’re due to reach the pack ice floe later tomorrow, but we’re increasingly sighting more and more icebergs and bergy bits. No sea ice forming yet, just things that have broken off from further south and has floated up here.

Weather-wise it’s starting to get pretty cold out. Checking the info right now it’s -4.20°C outside, and the seawater temp is -1.30°C. Fun fact of the day is that whilst fresh water freezes at 0 degrees, seawater goes down to minus 1.8 degrees before it freezes solid. Still, the albatross and petrels we see don’t seem to mind chilling out in it and having a paddle.

Sunlight continues to increase, a combination of heading further south toward the Antarctic circle and heading into the summer season. Today we have around 17 hours of daytime (hidden by lots of fog and cloud today though) compared to Hobart’s approx 14 hours.

Posted by Bren

Antarctic expeditioner and avid hiker.