Today was quite eventful as we’ve now reached the pack ice. I woke up this morning to the sound of “doonk”, “doonk” – little bergy bits hitting the ship’s hull.

We had another safety drill this morning and by now we’re quite well versed in grabbing survival packs, lifejacket, and heading to the muster points. Once that was completed and cleared away it was time for a minute’s silence for Remembrance Day. I took that moment to be up standing on the bridge, looking out onto the southern waters.

With official duties out of the way, this afternoon we had a royal visit with King Neptune coming aboard our fine vessel. We first timers crossing 60 degrees south must seek permission to enter his watery realm through a ceremony. With the King’s blessing I am now a South Polar Sea Dog and I now take pride in the brine that courses through my veins. I also have old clothes that now smell like fish guts and we can’t quite get the smell out of the cabin. All in good fun.

For our efforts we had a BBQ dinner out on the trawl deck which really gave us a chance to see the pack ice up close. We’re starting to see lots of wildlife now with adelie, petrel, albatross, and seal sightings happening quite regularly.

Only two more days then resupply operations commence, so we’re definitely down to the pointy end of the voyage.

Posted by Bren

Antarctic expeditioner and avid hiker.