Climbing the Central Massons with the Hagg parked below
Climbing the Central Massons with the Hagg parked below

According to the Division website:

Hägglunds are Swedish dual-cab, medium class, over-snow vehicles which can carry four passengers in the front cab. They have a towing capacity of 2 tonnes on suitable sleds, and they operate over most snow and ice terrain including sea ice and soft snow.

They are also very fun to drive! This week I was completing my vehicle training induction which is my final training scheduled for the summer season. On Wednesday morning we met with the diesos for a full rundown of the features of the Hägglunds, what not to do, and what to do if something did go wrong.

With our bags packed we jumped in the yellow Hägg and headed out to Fang hut. I’d been looking forward to this trip as currently I had been out as far as Rumdoodle but not out further to Fang. We all took turns with the drive out and learned steering, suspension, and advanced manoeuvres.

What is important with a Hägg is there is absolutely no suspension built into the tracked tyres! You need to mount bumps by hitting them on an angle, otherwise your passengers in the back really feel it. It was good practice being out there and I’m starting to get the knack of driving these things.

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