It’s been a long voyage, having been on the ship for almost 4 weeks now. We departed Mawson two weeks ago and our transit of the Southern Ocean via Davis has brought us such a long way: we’re 2,761 nautical miles out of Mawson, with only a further 223 nm to get to Hobart.

Today is our second last day on the voyage. Cleaning of the ship has commenced in earnest, bags are being packed, gear returned, and we will conduct one final emergency muster drill in preparation for our arrival tomorrow.

Around midnight we are expected to be reaching the southern tip of the Tasmanian coastline, then entering the Derwent River by mid-morning, to finally berth at the wharf in Hobart around 2pm.

It will be a busy day tomorrow, but I’m definitely looking forward to the smell of trees and being back on land.

Posted by Bren

Antarctic expeditioner and avid hiker.