This week I’ve been busy around head office with final preparations before I head off to Casey. We were scheduled to depart today Wednesday, but due to weather the flight has been postponed for now till Friday. Fingers crossed the weather gods agree!

I’m already kitted out with cold weather gear issued last week, have all my computer access setup and ready to go, and am generally ready to fly so I think all the essentials are taken care of. However, last minute preparations that I didn’t really think of until now include:

An expeditioner needs a replacement laptop charger asap, so stashed one in my bag to take south for them, consign my alcohol purchase for the summer to the warehouse so that it arrives on the ship, check fellow expeditioners flying down with me have the right computer setup for when the get to station, buy more stamps, other last minute shopping just because I’ve got time.

With the pre-flight briefings now complete we are all ready to head south for the season.

Posted by Bren

Antarctic expeditioner and avid hiker.