Friday was a big day. We had a few delays to our departure and there was quite a bit of waiting around at Hobart airport, but in the afternoon we were airside and about 3pm we were in the back of the C17 and flying down to Antarctica.

Flight time is about four and a half hours. Being a cargo plane there’s not many windows to look out of, and when seated you’re just staring at shipping pallets for a couple hours. We eventually landed at Wilkins Aerodrome and officially commenced our summer working in Antarctica.

After a quick hello and goodbye to the outgoing winterers, we jumped on the Terra Bus and commenced the 70km ride from Wilkins to Casey station.

It was a late arrival getting in to Casey, at about 23:30. After hellos and an emergency briefing, we finally got to our dongas (bedrooms) and could rest up.

The next morning, station inductions continued from 8am and I had my first morning in the office. All the computer systems are the same across stations so it was all coming back to me work-wise.

It’s been a good first weekend, with plenty of introductions and getting to know the crew. Here’s to a good summer ahead.

Posted by Bren

Antarctic expeditioner and avid hiker.