The most hectic time at an Antarctic station is annual resupply; that one time of the year the ship arrives to change over personnel, bring down all the necessary parts, food, and fuel for an entire year, and return no longer needed equipment and rubbish back to the mainland.

This resupply my main role is to support the technical requirements of all the science projects arriving, and ensure they can connect, upload data, and keep in touch with their respective research institutions back home.

I am also on refuelling operations. The ship pumps thousands of letres of Special Antarctic Blend (SAB) diesel fuel ashore which the station will use to keep the lights on and the heat up for another year.

Due to the logistics and scheduling of Voyage 2 (V2) to Casey, it does mean each year the ship is probably in port during Christmas. We move the public holiday and festivities and observe Casey Christmas on the 28th this season.

Posted by Bren

Antarctic expeditioner and avid hiker.