Yesterday we had really good weather conditions to get passengers ashore, so I took the opportunity to “head into town” for the day. After a few small comms jobs and helping to unload the food into the green store, I made the most of the sunny afternoon to explore within the station limits.
Macquarie Island is like something out of a nature documentary, with seals, penguins, and birds all around the island, even around the research station itself.
Unlike the Antarctic content stations like Casey and Mawson which are surrounded by lots of white ice, Macca is abundant with colour, sounds of animals calling, and earthy smells. Just hold your nose when walking past the elephant seals – that stench takes your breath away!

Posted by Bren

Antarctic expeditioner and avid hiker.


  1. I enjoyed your blog about the expedition. Good to know about Macquarie islands and the Seals ;-). Have fun and Keep writing!

    1. Thanks mate! 🙂

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