Month: November 2020

A trip to Robbos

After work this week we took a quick trip out to Robbos hut.

/ 28 November 2020

Talking photos of birds for science

It’s an unusual season down here this year, and unfortunately many of our science friends are unable to be on station to continue working onsite on their studies. One long-running program is seabird monitoring – a series of mounted cameras...

/ 26 November 2020

Sleeping in a chip packet

After three years it’s time to renew Antarctic “Survival Training” – a 24 hour course designed to familiarise you with Antarctic cold weather gear, equipment, basic navigation, and of course head out into the field and look at some penguins....

/ 21 November 2020

Flying south for the season

The season is now underway! On Wednesday we had an early start and departed Hobart airport at 07:00. The flight to Wilkins Runway, Antartica feels rather short, being only 4.5 hours in the air. We arrived at Wilkins blue ice...

/ 13 November 2020

Hiking Mount Howitt in the Vic Alps

I've started writing up my hiking adventures with the help of my mates over at Snowys Outdoors, and I'd love you to read my first article on the Snowys Blog!

/ 3 November 2020