After three years it’s time to renew Antarctic “Survival Training” – a 24 hour course designed to familiarise you with Antarctic cold weather gear, equipment, basic navigation, and of course head out into the field and look at some penguins.

This week we did Survival Training, so we got our packs together and headed off station to Shirley Island. It’s a great opportunity to see the Adelie penguins going about their day getting their nests ready.

At the end of the day in training you sit down to a dehydrated meal kit, unroll your bivvy (bivouac bag), and crawl into bed for the night. With the bright sky, cold air, and wind rustling your bivvy (affectionately called “ship packets” by Aussie expeditioners as they are made out of nylon), it’s a bit hard to get a great night’s sleep. Still an amazing Antarctic experience though!

In the morning we were packed up and headed back to station for a meal and hot shower to warm up.

Posted by Bren

Antarctic expeditioner and avid hiker.