Month: January 2021

The Everest has arrived

After a call over the radio from the ship hailing the station, the MPV Everest sailed around the corner and into Newcomb Bay, just out the front of Casey station. Hello, new ship! Whilst Casey is quite fortunate receiving mail...

/ 19 January 2021

Hiking Through Victoria’s Snow Gums

I might be down South at the moment, but thanks to the help of my mates over at Snowys Outdoors, and I’d love share another summer hiking post with you all.

/ 12 January 2021

Today’s office

With the ship due in the harbour for station resupply in two weeks, it’s time to continue preparations for its arrival. Today we continued IRB training including how to safely prepare, launch, operate, and pack-down the boats. It also meant...

/ 3 January 2021