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ICT professional and Antarctic expeditioner.

How to Plan for Camping in the Snow

Thinking of getting away to the High Country for a camping trip this season? With a big thanks to my mates over at Snowys Outdoors, come along on my recent camping trip up in the snow! Go on and head over to Snowys Blog – How to Plan for Camping...

/ 25 June 2021

The Best of Wilsons Prom

I’ve always wanted to pop down and checkout Wilsons Promontory National Park in Victoria. With a big thanks to my mates over at Snowys Outdoors, come along and check out the stunning scenery on my recent trip! Go on and head over to Snowys Blog – Best of Wilsons Prom...

/ 17 April 2021

Hiking in Antarctica

Ever wondered what it’s like to go for a hike on the frozen continent? With a big thanks to my mates over at Snowys Outdoors, come along and check out the stunning scenery! Go on and head over to Snowys Blog – Hiking in Antarctica, the Ends of the Earth...

/ 8 March 2021

A trip to Jacks

After a busy resupply period, it’s time to hit the road! With some access routes closed off station due to the summer melt, the J-Line to Jacks was still open, so we took the opportunity to have a quick jolly to Jacks and get off station for the weekend. On...

/ 10 February 2021

The Everest has arrived

After a call over the radio from the ship hailing the station, the MPV Everest sailed around the corner and into Newcomb Bay, just out the front of Casey station. Hello, new ship! Whilst Casey is quite fortunate receiving mail and food on flights at the beginning and end of...

/ 19 January 2021

Hiking Through Victoria’s Snow Gums

I might be down South at the moment, but thanks to the help of my mates over at Snowys Outdoors, and I’d love share another summer hiking post with you all.

/ 12 January 2021

Today’s office

With the ship due in the harbour for station resupply in two weeks, it’s time to continue preparations for its arrival. Today we continued IRB training including how to safely prepare, launch, operate, and pack-down the boats. It also meant we had an opportunity to have a look at the...

/ 3 January 2021

Ski from the Skiway

Check out my article on Station Updates.

/ 20 December 2020

Merry Xmas from Casey

Happy holidays from Casey station, Antarctica.

/ 20 December 2020

A work trip to Wilkins

Living here at Casey my main role is to support technology here on station. There are occasions where Wilkins aerodrome camp, a 3 hour drive up the hill, can use some onsite tech support with their equipment, so we organised a work trip to head up there and stay overnight....

/ 3 December 2020

A trip to Robbos

After work this week we took a quick trip out to Robbos hut.

/ 28 November 2020

Talking photos of birds for science

It’s an unusual season down here this year, and unfortunately many of our science friends are unable to be on station to continue working onsite on their studies. One long-running program is seabird monitoring – a series of mounted cameras at verious penguin colonies. The solar-powered camera setups are programmed...

/ 26 November 2020