Category: 17–18 Season

Home again, home again

On Sunday 14:00 the Aurora Australis berthed at Macquarie Wharf, Hobart, completing my 4 weeks at sea.

/ 5 March 2018

Final days

It’s been a long voyage, having been on the ship for almost 4 weeks now. We departed Mawson two weeks ago and our transit of the Southern Ocean via Davis has brought us such a long way: we’re 2,761 nautical miles out of Mawson, with only a further 223 nm...

/ 2 March 2018

A quick visit to Davis

For the last few days we have been anchored close to Davis station, conducting a quick resupply, retrieving summer personnel, and bunkering down the helicopters to mark the end of the season. All went well and we departed Davis on schedule last night, in similar fashion to Mawson with a...

/ 21 February 2018

Goodbye, Mawson station

I’ve been living on the ship for two weeks now, commuting in to shore when I’ve been needed, but otherwise have been packed up and ready for departure. It’s been an odd feeling, being on the ship for this long but not really having a destination as such. This changed...

/ 17 February 2018

Holding out for the weather

Yesterday and today have been spent out at sea in the pack ice. Checking the forecast (and simply looking outside!) shows there is high winds and poor visibility, which means boating operations are suspended till conditions improve. As an expeditioner it’s great to be in the pack ice though as...

/ 16 February 2018

Sunsets during resupply

Each day following cargo operations the Aurora departs Kista Straight, which is next to the station and in close proximity to neighbouring islands, and heads out to open waters. We’re lucky in that every night of clear skies, we’re treated to fantastic ‘berg cruising followed by incredible sunsets over the...

/ 15 February 2018

Resupply continues

Over the past few days we have been resupplying the station with fuel. This involves connecting a hose line from the tanks aboard the ship moored in Kista Straight, which then runs on the water and up over West Arm, across the sea ice still in Horseshoe Harbour, then into...

/ 9 February 2018

I’m (back) on a boat

With the Aurora Australis now at Mawson I’ve relocated from the station to free up my room for one of the incoming winter expeditioners, so I’m now here living back aboard the ship for the next month. Hello fresh yogurt, milk, and oranges – I’ve missed you! As we flew...

/ 5 February 2018

Hydroponics on station

This season I’ve been part of the Hydroponics team, growing and picking fresh produce for expeditioners to enjoy on station to supplement otherwise shelf-stable or frozen ingredients. It’s great to enjoy the warm, humid hydro shed, and even “sample” a fresh cherry tomato or two as you harvest.

/ 3 February 2018

Food on station

Along with questions like: “Are there polar bears in Antarctica?” and “Is it cold down there?” is also another popular one – what is the food like on station? Benny, our station chef whips up three meals daily and keeps us well fed and happy expeditioners. The cuisine ranges from Mexican...

/ 2 February 2018

Final jolly for the season

This week I went up to Rumdoodle with two colleagues for a quick overnight jolly (recreational trip). With the last flight for the season on Thurday and the ship arriving next week it was our final opportunity to get off station, so we threw our things on the quads and...

/ 26 January 2018

A trip out to the Russian Aircraft

Last week we went exploring the Russian aircraft, a Lisunov Li-2T which crashed during take-off from Mawson in 1968 and has been stuck up on the plateau ever since. It’s in an interesting location – right in the middle of a crevasse field! To visit we need to take extra...

/ 23 January 2018