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Hydroponics on station

This season I’ve been part of the Hydroponics team, growing and picking fresh produce for expeditioners to enjoy on station to supplement otherwise shelf-stable or frozen ingredients. It’s great to enjoy the warm, humid hydro shed, and even “sample” a...

/ 3 February 2018

Food on station

Along with questions like: “Are there polar bears in Antarctica?” and “Is it cold down there?” is also another popular one – what is the food like on station? Benny, our station chef whips up three meals daily and keeps us...

/ 2 February 2018

Final jolly for the season

This week I went up to Rumdoodle with two colleagues for a quick overnight jolly (recreational trip). With the last flight for the season on Thurday and the ship arriving next week it was our final opportunity to get off...

/ 26 January 2018

A trip out to the Russian Aircraft

Last week we went exploring the Russian aircraft, a Lisunov Li-2T which crashed during take-off from Mawson in 1968 and has been stuck up on the plateau ever since. It’s in an interesting location – right in the middle of...

/ 23 January 2018

We have internets

Last Friday a colleague and I completed our “large” project of the summer, upgrading the satellite link. It was an early start and a tough day, but we now enjoy internet that is orders of magnitude faster and far more...

/ 20 January 2018

Here comes the ocean

The sea ice near station has been closed to vehicles and vehicles, as the tide cracks had been getting quite large and slushy. In the last week, the ice in Horseshoe Harbour has turned a rather dark shade of grey,...

/ 8 January 2018

Adélies at Mawson

/ 31 December 2017

“Sunset” on station

I know I often talk about weather or the sun here on station, but it is definitely given regular consideration each day by expeditioners – is it going to be good weather to get off station? Do outdoor projects need...

/ 30 December 2017

The coolest jobs on the planet

Thinking about a cool job in 2018? In today’s Courier Mail article I was interviewed about what it’s like working in Antarctica. To see roles available for next season check out the AAD Jobs website.

/ 23 December 2017