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‘Tis the season

/ 22 December 2017

Happy Midsummer!

Today at 9:28pm local marks the summer solstice, when the sun is tracking at its highest point in the southern hemisphere sky for the year. Most importantly this is the turning point for the summer season, and we know the...

/ 21 December 2017

Learning to drive a Hägglunds

According to the Division website: Hägglunds are Swedish dual-cab, medium class, over-snow vehicles which can carry four passengers in the front cab. They have a towing capacity of 2 tonnes on suitable sleds, and they operate over most snow and...

/ 16 December 2017

Anyone for golf?

The Mawson Links Invitational was held at Horseshoe Harbour on Sunday afternoon. For a full write up check out my article A gallant round of golf on the Division website.

/ 12 December 2017

A trip to Auster to see the Emperors

Last week a small group of us summer expeditioners who had not yet been out to Auster Rookery to see the Emperor Penguins kept a close eye on the weather forecast. We were desperately hoping for a clear day before...

/ 5 December 2017

A long time before the next sunset

On Wednesday 29 November the sun finally set at 12:10am, only to rise again shortly after at 1:02am. As Mawson station resides within the Antarctic circle our summer will now continue with a full 24 hours of daylight each day....

/ 30 November 2017

Walking on station during a blizzard

A quick walk home from the office at Mawson station. The winds were somewhat high but the visibility was good so we can see a few things on the walk.

/ 29 November 2017

Field Training trip

Thursday and Friday we were off station on our field training. This is a course most expeditioners complete shortly after their arrival on station, to learn skills such as navigation and survival essentials for an Antarctic environment. Over the two...

/ 26 November 2017

Gone campin’

Work has been going well this week, and now today we’re off up the plateau to Rumdoodle for our Survival Training. This is an overnight course all new expeditioners. See you tomorrow evening!

/ 23 November 2017