Category: Pre-departure

Final week of pre-departure training

What a busy week! Everything from quad bike training to the expeditioner farewell in Hobart has kept me very busy. The family also came to visit and we visited Port Arthur and had a look around campus at the Division. Time to head off soon!

/ 28 October 2017

Third week of pre-departure training

Training continues, and the initial excitement of being here has finally settled down, so during my time off this week I took some time to explore Hobart and nearby Freycinet National Park.

/ 22 October 2017

Second week of pre-departure training

Training continues and we’re into a good routine now. This week we got an opportunity to get on the ship early and install some new equipment. Back at the office there was also a presentation with a krill tank on display, and the new Hagglunds for Davis station parked out...

/ 16 October 2017

First week of pre-departure training

What a busy time in my life! Last week was all about moving my Melbourne things into storage and vacating the apartment, in preparation for this trip. This week was my flight down to Hobart and starting my new role as ITO. The week so far Monday was “Day 0”...

/ 7 October 2017

My travels before starting training for Antarctica

Moving can be stressful, but it’s so much better when you have good friends and family around you, and a cool job to go to.

/ 5 October 2017

I’ll be working in Antarctica!

This week I officially received my contract. This has been a long time coming, and a very exciting moment in my life. It’s so cool to be getting such an amazing opportunity to visit such an incredible part of the world so few get to see – I’ll be working in...

/ 13 August 2017