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Dr Karl visits Casey

Yesterday we had a very special guest arrive. Dr Karl from Triple J is visiting to broadcast his weekly radio segments and interview scientists at Casey station, Antarctica. You can catch up on the Science with Dr Karl episode on...

/ 14 February 2019
a man wearing a hat with snow on the ground

Merry Casey Christmas

Resupply has been completed successfully and safely, the ship has now departed, and now it’s time to celebrate! Merry Casey Christmas everyone! A big thank you to the chefs on station who prepared an amazing Christmas lunch for the one...

/ 28 December 2018

Casey Resupply (V2)

The most hectic time at an Antarctic station is annual resupply; that one time of the year the ship arrives to change over personnel, bring down all the necessary parts, food, and fuel for an entire year, and return no...

/ 27 December 2018

You’ve got mail

Now that the ship is in port, probably the most important cargo is unloaded first and brought up to station – the mail! In the mailbags are postcards, online shopping, and much-awaited Christmas presents from back home.

/ 15 December 2018

A trip to Jacks and Wilkes

On the weekend the weather was quite nice so we took the green hagg and a few quads out for a Sunday drive. Jacks hut is a nice spot overlooking the water, and before returning to station we popped into...

/ 10 December 2018
a penguin in the snow

A Sunday arvo at Shirley Island

With such good weather on a day off, it’s always great to pop over to Shirley Island and check out the Adelie penguins.

/ 2 December 2018

Emperor penguins visit Casey

On Wednesday we were very lucky to have 19 emperor penguins come and investigate our walking group, right near station. With cameras at the ready we were able to capture some great shots to share with the Div media team....

/ 29 November 2018

Victorian Election Day

Today we voted in the 2018 Victorian state election. This year marked a technology innovation where Antarctic electors were able to cast their vote using a secure online voting facility. We also took a shot to celebrate, which is now...

/ 24 November 2018