A day at Macca

Yesterday we had really good weather conditions to get passengers ashore, so I took the opportunity to “head into town” for the day. After a few small comms jobs and helping to unload the food into the green store, I...

/ 15 March 2020

Land Ho!

Favourable weather conditions this morning gave us a really great start to resupply, with our ship arriving into Buckles Bay on schedule. If you have a mobile phone in your pocket you’re automatically greeted with a “Welcome to Macca!” text...

/ 13 March 2020

Voyage underway

We’ve now been at sea for two days now, and making good progress as we head towards Macquarie Island. It’s a very short transit compared to the Antarctic continent stations – leaving Hobart we get to Macca in under three...

/ 12 March 2020

Voyage 4 departs

After 30 years as Australia’s Antarctic icebreaker, the Aurora Australis, affectionately known by expeditioners as the “Orange Roughy” departed Hobart 5pm yesterday afternoon for her final resupply voyage south. We had plenty of farewell waves from the Shipping team on...

/ 11 March 2020

A trip up to Mt Field

With pre-departure week complete and a long weekend here in Tassie before voyage departure, I made a quick trip up to Mt Field National Park, a little over an hour west of Hobart. The views are spectacular!

/ 8 March 2020

Pre-departure week

This week I’m back in Hobart to prepare the ship for Voyage 4 (V4) Macquarie Island resupply. When at sea the ship has multiple redundant satellite communications links, so it’s important to verify everything is “ship shape” (excuse the puns)...

/ 6 March 2020

Dr Karl visits Casey

Yesterday we had a very special guest arrive. Dr Karl from Triple J is visiting to broadcast his weekly radio segments and interview scientists at Casey station, Antarctica. You can catch up on the Science with Dr Karl episode on...

/ 14 February 2019
a man wearing a hat with snow on the ground

Merry Casey Christmas

Resupply has been completed successfully and safely, the ship has now departed, and now it’s time to celebrate! Merry Casey Christmas everyone! A big thank you to the chefs on station who prepared an amazing Christmas lunch for the one...

/ 28 December 2018

Casey Resupply (V2)

The most hectic time at an Antarctic station is annual resupply; that one time of the year the ship arrives to change over personnel, bring down all the necessary parts, food, and fuel for an entire year, and return no...

/ 27 December 2018